You have arrived at Señor Casaroja's Engineering Oasis. Señor Casaroja will show you many good things. However, Señor Casaroja would like to now remind you that when you extract and view models from a copyrighted program or game, those models are also owned by the copyright holder, and you may not distribute them.

(Images removed for bandwidth savings.)

XeNTaX recently had advertisements on the forums pulled, for supposed links to some game data in a thread from 2007, so I'm putting some bandwidth cost-cutting measures in place. I would like to thank XeNTaX for hosting Noesis for free and without advertisements here for these past however many years.

Señor Casaroja does not condone or support any form of copyright violation, and if you use Señor Casaroja's tools to rip and illegally distribute copyrighted content, Señor Casaroja will track you down and make you pay for your crimes. Do not cross Señor Casaroja.